Qualifications for Australian (Historic) Formula Junior 

The qualifications for an Australian Historic Formula Junior racing car shall require the vehicle to have been raced as a Formula Junior under 1100 cc during the period ending 31st December 1963. These cars together with invited cars, which are similar, but from outside the period may compete as Historic Formula Juniors PROVIDED the car complies with the original FIA regulations for Formula Junior and CAMS 5th category current regulations.

From 2007 all cars contesting the AFJA Annual Trophy Series shall be required to use the FIA control tyre as provided for in CAMS schedule E part 4, namely Dunlop "L" section tyres with 204 compound and the appropriate recommended size for 13" wheels being 4.50 front and 5.50 rear, and for 15" wheels 4.50 front and 5.00 rear.

To qualify for historic racing in Australia, a Formula Junior is required to have a current historic log book and certificate of description issued by either the F.I.A or CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motor Sport), or a temporary permit for given events.

At any event entered the car must pass both safety and eligibility tests by scrutineers at the circuit  to qualify. This may include weighing the vehicle and checking engine capacity.

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Last updated: 15 May 2014
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