CAMS 5th Category - 
Formula Junior 

Current Regulations

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Cars are required to have established a racing history in the relevant group period. Subject to the permitted modifications listed below and the addition of required safety equipment, cars must be in the original specification for the particular vehicle at a single point of time within the group period.

Modifications Allowed


  • Cylinder bore may be increased to a maximum of 1.5 mm from original size in period. 
  • Crankshaft stroke must be original 
  • Cylinder block/crankcase must be original 
  • Internal components of engine are free except for roller rockers which are illegal
  • From 2011 recast Richardson Ford Anglia cylinder heads may be used on group M post 1960 cars


  • Inlet manifolds are free, but carburettors must be of the period make, type and number fitted to vehicle, however, the size may be altered.


  • Casings must be original and contain original number of forward ratios, otherwise, internal components are free.
  • 40HP VW transmissions are an acceptable replacement for 36HP split case units


  • The chassis must be original and unmodified from period specifications except for limited local stiffening. The suspension shall remain unaltered from period specifications, except that spring rates, ride height and damper settings are free.


  • The braking system shall be the same type and size as fitted in the period. Drum brakes may be replaced with others of period type, and cooling devices may be added.


  • Wheels must be original in diameter, width, style and appearance. Cast wheels may employ different material provided dimensions and appearance remain unaltered. 
  • From 2007 all cars competing in the AFJA annual trophy series will use the FIA control tyre as provided for in CAMS schedule E part 4 , namely, Dunlop "L" section tyres with 204 compound. The appropriate recommended size for 13" wheels being 4-:50 front and 5 :50 rear, and for 15" wheels 4 :50 front and 5 : 00 rear.


  • From 2006 all cars will require a "Dorian" electronic timing device to be fitted, whilst all other electrical equipment must remain unaltered from period specification including the use of any form of electronic ignition. It is however permitted to use a non performance enhancing form of electronic rev limiter.


  • In addition to original equipment retained, all vehicles are exempt from requirements to install fire extinguishing systems, scatter shields, towing eyes, fire walls and safety fuel tanks, however, the following equipment is required and must comply with CAMS regulations
  • Oil breather catch tank 
  • Driver operated battery isolation switch 
  • Roll bar conforming to current specifications
  • Drivers safety harness 
  • All tanks with quick release filler cap shall have secondary locking device, or be wired shut.
  • Whilst not compulsory the use of a rain light is recommended

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